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photo ©Mariano Herrera

Martin Tognola was born in Argentina in 1972. He began his career at newspaper Clarín and then Viva, Noticias, Playboy and Olé. In 1995 he landed in Barcelona, where he has contributed to the newspaper Periódico de Catalunya for more than 15 years, not to mention many others (Orsai, Ñ Culture supplement, Le Monde, La Vanguardia, Público, Rockdelux, Madriz, Mujer21, Woman, Mia, Kult…), and to the weekly magazine Time Out. An agile and dynamic line grew out of his experience in the press. The production focusing on efficiency where any decor can be used by the main character. Martin has served this recipe to big name brands, whether to show off the starring product or give it an image of proximity, or even to tell stories: BMW, El Terrat, Mc Donalds, Winston, Haagen Dasz, GrandValira, La Caixa, Corte Inglés, Metrovisión…
His talent for drawing is proven in Barcelona Low Cost, his first comic, published by Glénat and winner of the Josep Coll Award in 2009. He has twice received the Portfolio Prize by the SND (Society of Newspaper Design).

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